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Wearing A Mask Can Lower The Risk Of Spreading!

Wearing a mask is recommended while out in public and during the times when social distancing is harder to maintain. Masks can prevent COVID-19 from spreading to others. If you have medical conditions that make it difficult to breathe while wearing a mask, you should not be out in public. The mask is to prevent...Read More

COVID-19 Takes Another Victim Who Fails To Wear A Mask

Here lies Jake doe, a father, who put his family at risk of COVID-19 because he did not wear a mask. Jake could’ve saved his family and himself, but he followed the footprints of others and did not wear a mask. Jake left behind a daughter and a son, who will grow up without a...Read More
demon in the sky

Vaping Bans Against Adults is an Atrocity

Lately, I been hearing about how vaping is causing this ‘lung’ disease occurring from vaping, and teens are dying due to this medical condition. However, the media outlets are leaving out vital information relating to this situation and scaring many people due to the enticing details released to the public. I am hoping to remedy...Read More

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